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Domestic Violence Defense in Arias Case

Alyce LaViolette, a psychotherapist and domestic violence expert, testified in the Arias trial on Tuesday.  Arias faces murder charges and a possible death sentence for the killing of Travis Alexander in Phoenix, June, 2008.  While Ar...
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SWATing at Flies

I often interview people charged with drug offenses who were arrested by a SWAT team.  Last week, I interviewed a person who was accused of delivering one ounce of marijuana in a very public parking lot and was arrested by black and armor-...
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Why I Do Not Believe in the Death Penalty

Legal controversy continuously flows about whether the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and prohibited by the Eighth Amendment.  One side says the death penalty was carried out when the Constitution was ratified, and it is the...
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Do Cops Lie?

Of course they do; they are human just like you and me.  Every human lies at some point, even if they justify it as a “little white lie.”  Cops are no different, though they want to be thought of as somehow above being hum...
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Miranda Warnings Are Written In Code

We all know the warnings police give to someone before starting an interrogation: the right to remain silent, that anything said can be used in court, the right to a lawyer, and the right to a free lawyer if one cannot be afforded.  Over t...
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Defending 'Guilty' People

A question I, and I am sure every criminal defense lawyer, am asked is how I can defend people who I know are guilty.  I think I speak for all defense lawyers when I say that first it is standing up for the “little guy” against...
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