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My practice focuses on criminal defense and I can help with any sort of criminal charge ranging from misdemeanors such a driving under the influence and domestic violence offenses, all the way to serious felonies including murder and robbery. I will be able to help you no matter how far along in the criminal process you or your loved ones are. When I help a client I am much more involved than simply going to court with my client. I help clients with legal problems in order give them an understanding of what they can and cannot do in certain situations before it even happens. For instance, I can counsel clients on how to correctly adhere to Arizona‚Äôs medical marijuana laws. I can also counsel clients on what they can do after they are convicted.   This may include fighting for a reduced sentence, an set aside, or even filing an appeal.

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Although my practice focuses in criminal defense, I am also able and willing to help anyone with any sort of legal issue. Legal issues can come out of nowhere and you may need a lawyer quickly.  I have the knowledge and skills at my law office to help you with most day to day legal issues. If we can help you then you can count on us to provide superior service.