On Thursday September 12 police served a search warrant in Phoenix. They approached a convenience store near 19th Avenue and Camelback Road in the evening. The incident resulted in multiple arrests

The store, referred to as Eddie's Quick Stop, has apparently been under investigation for quite some time. Authorities claimed that the investigation has been going on for around a year now. Homeland Security, the FBI and the police force were all involved in the investigation.

The first arrest involved an individual who actually works at the store as an assistant manager. Another employee was arrested, as well as a man who does not actually work at Eddie's. The owner of the store was detained, but not actually arrested in the process. None of the names of the individuals in question were released.

Remarkably more arrests are actually expected in this case according to police authorities. Reports are coming in that suggest that the investigation is ongoing. According to a sergeant from the police force, the store was connected to a criminal street gang.

Police stated that this bust is related to nine arrests that were made last week at an apartment complex that is near 25th Avenue and Ocotillo. Detectives seized Oxycodone, marijuana, meth, cash, weapons and three motor vehicles from the complex. They stated that they believed a criminal street gang had infiltrated the apartment complex in question.

They now believe that the same criminal gang took over the corner at 19th Avenue and Camelback, which is precisely why this investigation occurred. The gang probably had something to do with the convenience store, which may have actually been a front for running drugs and a possible prostitution ring as well.

Future arrests might very well lead to further drug busts. Though there were no names releases, police are probably trying to keep these investigations fairly discreet for the time being. All information may become increasingly important if drug possession, dealing or even sex crimes charges are levied as a case starts to be brought against the individuals in question.