According to reports, Phoenix police shot an armed man after they received a call about an assault. The man was later identified as Louis Flores. Police reports show that Flores was with a woman when he knocked on an apartment resident's door and demanded that he be allowed to see someone. Reports currently have no demonstrated just whom it was that Flores was demanding an audience with.

The resident in that apartment told the couple that he was not sure who they were looking for. According to the resident's version of the story, the couple then promptly pulled a gun on him. This presumably prompted the call to police that summoned them to the scene.

Police received that call about an assault and arrived on the scene early on Thursday July 11. According to officers, Flores pulled a handgun out of his waistband. Officials stated that the officers then shot Louis Flores several times.

Flores was taken to a nearby hospital. He was then pronounced dead. Officials have not yet released the names of the two officers who were involved in the shooting. As with any police shooting it is likely that there will be an investigation as a result. The fact that their names are heretofore undisclosed suggests that at least some level of discretion is being taken by Phoenix police in order to protect the interests of fairness in this case.

Police departments are generally reluctant to permit unfettered gunplay. After a shooting has occurred a departmental investigation is organized to inspect whether the use of firearms was warranted or not. This makes these sorts of cases particularly complex, and in some cases public perception of the police force might hinge on the disclosed results of such investigations.

It does not seem that any further motives for Flores' demands have been released to the media. Depending on what motives are established, there could be a variety of legal consequences. Nevertheless it is important not to speculate before additional evidence is established in this case. Wild speculation will merely inhibit the evenhanded progress of the law.